Thursday, March 18, 2010

Off to Atlanta!

Hey there!

I'm currently on a charter bus on my way to Atlanta for SEPC (Southeastern Panhellenic Council). Panhellenic Councils from the Southeast will be there sharing ideas and listening to speakers. Word on the street is the Dating Doctor from Hitch comes to SEPC every year. If so, I NEED to hear him speak. ;) We just stopped in Chattanooga for lunch and a little shopping. Some of my other ADPi sisters are also on the trip, so it's been a lot of fun. We don't always have time at school to sit around and talk. Shelby has promised to work out with me while on the trip. My Josh Rogers dvd is ready to go in my big purple purse!:) I'm looking forward to a weekend of fun and learning. Hopefully, I will have all kinds of ensightful things to share with you by Sunday!Hope you all have a great weekend!!

-PS- Thank you to DHS Faculty for sponsoring me in the Miss TN program book. It really means the world! Miss you all!


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